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  • School Board September Middle School Student of the Month: Kaleb Cain

    School Board September Middle School Student of the Month: Kaleb Cain


  • Take a long, hard look at why you want to continue your education after high school so you will be able to choose the best college or university for your needs.
  • Make a list of colleges that meet your most important criteria (size, location, distance from home, majors, academic rigor, housing, and cost). Weigh each of the factors according to their importance to you.
  • Check your class rank. Even if your grades haven't been that good so far, it's never too late to improve. Colleges like to see an upward trend.
  • If you didn't do so in the tenth grade, sign up for and take the PSAT.
  • If you didn't complete the Choices program in tenth grade, register with the vocational specialist to do so.
  • Make sure you have a social security number.
  • Speak to college representatives who visit your school.
  • If you want to participate in Division I or Division II sports in college, start the certification process.
  • Collect information about college application procedures, entrance requirements, tuition and fees, room and board costs, student activities, course offerings, faculty composition, accreditation, and financial aid.
  • Begin narrowing down your college choices.
  • Meet with your counselor to review senior year course selection and graduation requirements.
  • Stay involved with your extracurricular activities. Colleges look for consistency and depth in activities.
  • Consider whom you will ask to write your recommendations. Think about asking teachers who know you well and who will write positive letters about you. Letters from a coach, activity leader, or an adult who knows you well outside of school are also valuable.
  • Request applications from schools you're interested in by mail , via the Internet, or in the guidance office.
  • Visit the campuses of your top-five college choices.
  • Talk to people you know who have attended the colleges in which you are interested.
  • Volunteer in your community.

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