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  • In October, take the PSAT. When you fill out your test sheet, check the box that releases your name to colleges so you can start receiving brochures from them.
  • Become familiar with general college entrance requirements.
  • The people who read college applications aren't looking just for grades. Get involved in activities outside the classroom. Work toward leadership positions in the activities that you like best. Become involved in community service and other volunteer activities.
  • Keep your grades up so you can have the highest GPA and class rank possible.
  • Register with the vocational specialist to complete the Choices program.
  • Begin zeroing in on the type of college you would prefer (two-year or four-year, small or large, rural or urban).
  • If you are interested in attending a military academy, now is the time to start planning and getting information.
  • Write to colleges and ask for their academic requirements for admission.
  • Visit a few college campuses.
  • Attend college fairs.
  • Keep putting money away for college. Get a summer job.

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