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Academic Honors Program

To be eligible for an academic honors diploma, a student must complete a minimum of forty-seven (47) high school credits. The following areas and courses are required:
  1. Language Arts - 8 credits
  2. Social Studies - 6 credits
  3. Mathematics - 8 credits
  4. Science - 6 credits
  5. Foreign Language - 6 or 8 credits
  6. Fine Arts - 2 credits
  7. Health and Safety - 1 credit
  8. Basic Physical Education - 1 credit

In addition to the minimum course requirements prescribed above, courses counting toward an academic honors diploma are subject to the following requirements:
  1. Language arts credits must include literature, composition, and speech.
  2. In addition to required courses in government and U.S. history, social studies credits must include courses with a major emphasis on economics and geography and/or world history.
  3. Mathematics credits must include Algebra Level II and at least one upper level mathematics course from those listed or a program of equal rigor. If a student has completed a junior high school curriculum that is equivalent to high school Algebra Level I and is placed in high school Algebra Level II, that student must earn only six (6) high school mathematics credits.
  4. Science credits must include:
    1. Two (2) credits in biology:
    2. Two (2) credits in chemistry or two (2) credits in physics; and
    3. Two (2) credits in:
      1. (i) chemistry, physics, earth/space science, advanced biology, advanced chemistry, or advanced physics; or
      2. (ii) a program of equal rigor.
  5. Foreign language credits must include:
    1. Six (6) credits in one (1) language; or
    2. Four (4) credits in one (1) language and four (4) in another. If a student has completed a junior high school curriculum that is equivalent to a Level I high school foreign language and is placed in a Level II high school foreign language, that student must earn only four (4) credits in that language or two (2) credits in that language and four (4) credits in another foreign language.
  6. Only courses that have been approved by the department on recommendation of a review committee and in which a student has earned a grade of “C” or above may count toward an academic honors diploma.

The School Corporation shall note the awarding of an academic honors diploma on the student’s grade transcript.

The School Corporation shall inform students, parents, and guardians of the availability of an academic honors diploma.

Indiana Core 40

Starting in the fall of 1994, students entering the ninth grade must enroll in the Indiana Core 40. All students must work toward completing the requirements of Core 40.

Students must complete the Core 40 to be considered for admission to Indiana’s four-year colleges. The same courses are strongly suggested for admission to a two-year public college or entry into the workforce. Complete the Core 40 by:

1. Taking 28 to 30 credits from this list.
  • Language Arts 8 credits in literature, composition, and speech
  • Mathematics 6-8 credits of Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Calculus
  • Science 6 credits in laboratory science from the following:
    • 2 - Biology
    • 2 - Chemistry and /or Physics and Integrated Chemistry/Physics
    • 2 - additional credits from Chemistry, Physics, Earth/Space Science, Adv. Biology, Adv. Chemistry, Adv. Physics
  • Social Studies 6 credits distributed as follows:
    • 2 U.S. History
    • 1 U.S. Government
    • 1 Economics
    • 1 World History and/or Geography
    • 1 additional course from above or other social studies area
  • Physical Ed. 1 credit (two semesters)
  • Health/Safety 1 credit (one semester)

2. Choosing 8 credits in courses from the list above or the list below.
  • Foreign Languages Such as Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian, or Spanish
  • Arts Art, Music or Drama
  • Computers Computer Applications.
  • Career Area At least 6 credits in a logical sequence from a technical career area.
3. Choosing 2 to 4 more credits from any courses at your school.
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