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Vision Statement

What are our Core Convictions?

All students at North White High School deserve a safe environment in which they have an equal opportunity to learn and to experience involvement in the type of activities that will help them develop into productive citizens. They deserve to learn the skills needed to face a competitive work force. They deserve freedom to express their views, to have input into the decisions that affect their futures, and to make choices about how to best show what they have learned.

All of our students deserve timely feedback from teachers and other adults on how they are doing and how they could improve. They deserve to be recognized and praised for their accomplishments. They deserve a school that is structured and has a support group of people ready and willing to meet their needs and help them whenever necessary. They deserve fair and consistent rules which are enforced equitably and which hold them responsible and accountable for their behavior. They deserve teachers and staff who listen and are respectful. They deserve qualified teachers to teach their subject and are able to teach efficiently. All students deserve a healthy variety of lunch selections.

Our students deserve to have a curriculum that is standards-based, offers a variety of classes, challenges and motivates them to learn, and offers them choices about how they learn and how they are assessed. Students deserve an opportunity to develop skills needed for higher education and future career paths. They deserve class sizes such that every student gets the extra help and attention they need. They deserve access to top-notch resources, well-trained teachers, the current technology, and real-life experiences that can take them into the world in which they will face their futures. They deserve an education that is not governed by monetary restrictions.

What would the adults in our school community be like if they were living by these convictions?

All adults will be mentors to children, helping to teach appropriate conduct and taking the time to correct behaviors when necessary. These adults will take the time to meet with students to discuss their progress and to encourage them to be involved in extra curricular activities. Adults will continuously encourage students to achieve at higher levels, take honors classes, raise or maintain high grade point averages, and strive for high attendance rates. Adults will be involved in assisting students to develop a sense of ownership and belonging in their school. Adults will have time to be focused on guidance issues, with opportunities to address such things as relationship, social and academic skills.

Our building will be full of adults who are professional in their appearance and behavior, excited to be involved with students, motivated about doing what’s best for kids, and concerned about every aspect of the educational experience. These adults will have positive attitudes and good morale; they will serve as excellent role models for our children. Adults will earn the child’s respect and in return the child will respect the adults. All teachers will be teaching to the standards and beyond, making sure that every attempt is made to differentiate instruction to teach to all levels and meet every student’ s needs. To do this, teachers will use variety in their teaching methods, as well as proven instructional strategies, best practices, and technology that enhances learning. Adults will act as tutors for students who may need additional help or reinforcement of their learning. There will be frequent parental contacts made so that all adults involved in working with a student can be aware of that student’s needs. Whenever possible, adults will offer life experiences which will take students out beyond their regular classroom and home settings to help them develop a better sense of our global society.

Adults will follow the behavior management policies established by the school and they will see that there are clear boundaries and logical consequences when rules are broken. The adults will ensure that the policies are fairly enforced, and that all children continue to learn to make good choices. Our school will have a good recognition program so students’ work and achievement can be acknowledged and students can feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments. Adults will establish and maintain a strong “open door” policy and our School Board will actively seek input from all stakeholders prior to making decisions that affect our school.

Parents will be actively involved in their children’s education and will keep lines of communication open. Parents and teachers will encourage all students to attend school, to work diligently to further their education, and to participate in all school activities. All adults will be available to students to ensure that they receive the help they need to be successful at all levels. Adults will encourage students to give back to their communities through service projects so that students learn to become productive citizens.

What would the students in our school be like in an environment where all adults were living by their convictions?

Students will be excited about being at school and will attend regularly. They will be responsible for communicating their needs and recognize when help is needed. Students will be more accepting of individual differences. Students will have a structured work ethic that would be established in high school and would help fulfill their life long goals Students will be engaged in their learning and show pride in their work, school, and community. They will feel a sense of gratitude for what they have, a sense of commitment to their communities, and a willingness to be high-achieving, productive members of our school family and of society.

What would our school’s student achievement be if the students were as described above?
  • 100% of all Math ISTEP tests passed
  • 100% of all English ISTEP tests passed
  • 100% attendance rate
  • 100% of our students passing all classes
  • 100% of our 9th grade students showing growth improvement on NWEA tests
  • 100% of our students graduate
  • 100% of our students graduate with Academic Honors diploma
  • 100% of our students are involved in an extra-curricular activity
  • 100% of our students continue on to post secondary education
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      North White School Corporation
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      Middle-High School

      North White Middle-High School
      Gregory Briles, Principal
      305 E. Broadway St.
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      North White Elementary School
      Dennis Briciu, Principal
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      Our Mission

      The North White School Corporation will use all available resources to educate students to reach their potential and become productive citizens in the future.


      Developing students who value life long learning

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